Owned and operated by Endeavor Ballooning, Bud E. Beaver was Born on Aug 5, 2003 in  Ferry Lake, Montana. Bud E. Beaver made his flying debut in August of 2004! The Bud E. Beaver Hot Air Balloon stands 100 feet tall and weighs over 700 pounds, brought to life by Cameron Balloons England/USA.
Bud E. Beaver is the only beaver living in our human world that appeals to kids of all ages. Bud E. Beaver is sure to make you laugh and will be the center of attention at any special event.
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The process of building Bud E. Beaver took over 24 weeks to complete from start to finish. This includes everything from the initial design and artwork, to the construction and flight-testing. Larger than life, Bud E. Beaver holds 132,000 cubic feet of air. He floats through the skies using dual Sirocco propane burners, each with an output of nearly 25 million BTU's. Bud E. Beaver weighs over 700 pounds and carries a 42 by 52-inch Aristocrat basket capable of lifting his pilot and two passengers. He carries 45 gallons of propane in 3 Titanium fuel tanks and is built of HyperLife material. Bud E. will delight you with his humorous, fun loving personality.  Be sure to look for the Bud E. Beaver Hot Air Balloon in the sky near you.

"He's everybody's friend!"
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